Monologue, one has.

Monologue, one has.


How many of you have ever thought of becoming a minimalist? Tired of being a hoarder? Tired of having to spring clean every 3 months, then having to throw away bags and bags of unwanted items previously purchased? Or even having the conundrum of deciding whether to throw or hoard even further?


Well, I have! This is especially true when the time calls for a purge in my wardrobe to make room for new purchases which happens at least once a month!  As guilty as I may be, fast fashion should partially be blamed! Retail shops like H&M, Zara, Topshop, Warehouse, Pull&Bear are constantly on a rat race of having to beat each other in the butt by introducing new pieces of clothes (wearable or not is a separate subject matter) to consumers on a daily basis like me! As resistant as a person I may be, with the abundance of choices, I give up. You have me, I buy.

And funnily enough, for each time I decide to declutter my wardrobe, I seem to catch myself having monologues which usually revolve the following lines,

Me: Ugh, what’s this?  (having my left hand picking up a piece I vaguely remember purchasing).
Also me: What in the world? That’s so, yesterday. Ha, what do I do with it?
Me again: Ah, I wore this to brunch, and I got like 100 likes on that photo already.

Then followed by:

Me: Should I give them away? Should I erm, keep them so that I can re-wear? Since fashion is recyclable anyways, but when will that be? Ok fine, I will just keep them and see what to do with it.

My point is, over time, the mission to declutter my wardrobe becomes impossible. And I catch myself wondering at the end of it, “If only I could wear this outfit once or twice and hope for it to magically disappear so that I don’t have to deal with it anymore”....... Narnia perhaps?